Trainer Team

PLS is a small team of highly specialised language experts and translators who pride themselves on delivering only the highest quality of English language services. We firmly believe in our vision, which is not only to support and improve the business success of our clients, but also to promote international communication based on mutual respect and understanding. Effective and tactful communication, which protects the face our business partners, is of paramount importance to long-term working relationships and to preventing conflicts.

Misunderstandings and faulty communication can easily occur if we use the wrong word or if we are not sensitised to the tonality of effective communication. As language professionals, we are able to convey not only the different meanings of word nuances, tone and pitch but also help our clients understand the importance of indirect versus direct communication. We embrace modern technology to support our work and this ensures that our training is full of variety and appeals to all our human senses. Supervision and regular training in methodology combined with years of international experience means that our trainers deliver professional language training which goes far beyond standard language courses.

Jannette Allen leads the team. With more than 30 years of experience in highly individualised English language training (ESP) for over 70 international companies, Jannette has built up a comprehensive bank of specialist knowledge and international experience. She has supported many companies on their way to internationalisation and regularly shares this experience with her team. Her passion for languages, different cultures and communication is now her profession.

Here is a short personal profile:

  • B.A. and M.A in German Studies (University of Wales)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (York University)
  • Specialisation in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (CELTA) (Bell School of English, Norwich)
  • Courses in Business Administration, Sales and Marketing (London School of Marketing)
  • Former State Examiner for Translators and Interpreters (Bavarian Ministry of Culture)
  • Founding of Professional Language Services 1988
  • Additional studies in Intercultural Management (University of Applied Sciences Munich)
  • Over 30 years of experience as ESP (English for Specific Purposes) trainer and Specialist Translator

Jannette Allen

Owner - B.A. Hons., M.A., P.G.C.E., C.E.L.T.A.

Our trainer team comprises native speakers who additionally hold a pedagogical qualification in teaching their own language as a foreign language. Additional experience and expertise in numerable sectors and industries ensure that our trainers know what they are talking about. 

They create concepts and programmes individually tailored to your special needs.