PLS Learning is a no-frill, user-friendly Android vocabulary trainer which supports you in learning new vocabulary. Join the PLS community and learn an almost unlimited number of words in any language combination you wish by just setting the native language and target language you want to learn. The first release contains no pre-set word lists, but we are working on specialised lists for the future.

Why use the PLS Learning app?

RELEVANCE – FOCUS ON YOUR WORDS: The app is primarily designed for you to learn your own words. Import your words from your own device or Excel spreadsheet (see app for an explanation how to import) or manually key your words directly into the app.

STRUCTURE: Create as many topics as you wish to structure your learning. The PLS Learning app is ideal for supporting your self-study and/or for accompanying any language course.

EASY ADAPTATION & FLEXIBILITY: If you make a mistake while keying in your words, the app allows you to correct an error at any time. Add a word, change a word – just click the <<adapt vocabulary>> button and hey presto, make your change.

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: After keying in or importing your vocabulary, the app will test your knowledge with three different exercises, in ascending order of difficulty:

  • Target language -> native language
  • Jumbled letters help you remember the word you need
  • Native language -> target language

CHECK YOUR PROGRESS: When you get all three exercise types correct, the word is learned and your progress level is continually updated. You can check your level at any time and the app tells you how many words you need to learn to get the next level. The app is designed for you to progress quickly.

MOTIVATION & FUN: To add some sporting fun, you progress through the different martial arts belts: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and finally black, the highest level. For each judo belt you need to learn 300 words and each belt is in turn split into 10 sub-levels. To reach black belt, you need to learn 1800 new words. We have added a fun feature to join you on your ladder to success!

Challenge a friend on who will reach the next level first.

SUSTAINABLE LEARNING: For long-term language learning, we recommend that you repeat the learning process after a time interval to ensure sustainable language use and brush up forgotten words.

RESET FORGOTTEN WORDS: If you think you have forgotten a word, reset the whole topic or single words which you have forgotten. The reset does not affect your learning status.

BACK UP YOUR WORDS: You can also back up your words to your own device or Google drive with or without your learning progress status.

CHANGING DEVICES: Export your words to your own device or Google drive including your learning progress status and import to your new device without losing your words and progress level.

ENHANCED SYNONYM FUNCTION: Words normally have more than one meaning. PLS Learning accepts all synonyms that are stored in your list and ensures that you learn all. A friendly prompt shows you that you need to key in another synonym.



PLS Professional Language Services is a language school located in Germany and our main focus is on specialist English courses and translation services for corporate clients. While most of our courses are in the Munich area, you can book our courses worldwide. We also offer other languages on request.

Although our app was originally designed for German users learning English, you can choose and learn almost any native – target language combination you need.

We wish you every success with whatever language you choose to learn and would appreciate it if you send us feedback or report any errors you may find. Please send any error reports to We will take care of your request or correct any errors as soon as possible.

Best wishes

PLS App Team