Every company has its own very individual vocabulary and language used by its employees to conduct business worldwide. Our aim at PLS is to immerse ourselves in this highly specialised language in order to design and create intensive, effective training courses that equip your employees with exactly the skills and vocabulary that they need at their workplace. We guarantee you a sustainable, tailor-made and highly practical language programme that greatly contributes to the overall success of your organisation.

Before our courses begin, our individual language audit of each participant is based on the recognised International Standards of the Common European Framework (CEFR) and this analysis subsequently defines the necessary skills, topics and vocabulary for your in-house training programme. We at PLS have integrated the competence levels of the CEFR into our very comprehensive course architecture. This provides our clients with an effective tool to analyse and develop the individual language levels of their employees. In turn, this considerably enhances and optimises the efficiency of every in-house language programme.

In order to ensure the highest quality for our clients, we have established and implemented a quality control mechanism which includes a regular 360° feedback system.