German for Pro­fessionals in Munich

Supporting Diversification
In-house German courses in Munich
More and more people choose Germany as the country of their personal and professional future. In order to build a successful and fulfilled career, such employees need support to develop their German language skills. The varied language skills and intercultural expertise of a diversified workforce is a great competitive advantage for many organisations. However, these different nationalities need to be integrated into the German organisation and teams effectively.

Professional Language Services Munich offers you a highly specialised German language programme which guarantees the fast and effective integration of your diversified workforce.

Tailor-made, individualised courses support the further development of your international employees. You choose the perfect blend of topics, skills and specialised vocabulary, which gives your organisation that competitive edge. At the moment our training is taking place as live online training, allowing companies to offer their training programme to employees wherever they are located.

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c Intensive Courses
d Mini-Groups
n One-to-One Training
e Online
h Telephone Training
j Virtual Classroom

Course design

Topics, course materials, methods and course design – you choose the ideal blend.

Intensive Courses

Meet your challenges with increased confidence and professionalism. Especially suitable for short term, urgent aims such as a presentation or important international negotiation, this course model is highly effective. One-to-one training or small groups combined with a high volume of contact hours in a short time ensures that you reach your objectives quickly. With full concentration on your individual situation, the significant skills and vocabulary is practised and consolidated.


This highly cost-effective, high-focus course model is ideal for employees of the same department, who share a common language area. With a maximum of 4 participants and concentration on specific language and vocabulary, this course model has proven to be a highly effective and popular solution.

One-to-One Training

Training contents, training time – just as you want. The course design is tailored 100% to your business needs. This course model is especially suitable for executives and employees who need an intensive and flexible solution. It is also ideal for specific tasks and projects.


For additional practice or for those who travel intensively, contact PLS to book your online training with our cost-effective e-learning tool – an effective way to improve your language skills wherever you want and whenever you want.

Telephone Training

For those who travel intensively but appreciate the advantages of a personal trainer, contact us to arrange your Skype lessons. Flexible and from the comfort of your hotel or own location, train your language skills without sacrificing the personal support of your trainer.

Virtual Classroom

Free of charge for our registered participants, PLS provides a bank of explanations and practice exercises in our Virtual Classroom, available 24/7. Here you can find grammar explanations and exercises, useful links and tips of how you can improve and train your language skills and knowledge.



  • Presentation
  • Negotiations
  • Telephone calls
  • E-mail conversation
  • Meetings
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  • Logistics
  • HR
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Technology
  • Media
  • Management
  • Assistance
  • ...


  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Chemical Industry
  • Banking and insurance industry
  • Automobile
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